December 21st of 2014, one of the memorable days for teslians. It was the day; the long waited one where everything was revealed. It was a battle day for all of us. And it was the day to mark the end journey in Educational Technology course. Basically, on that day every group had presented their masterpieces (the videos, posters and story board) to be evaluated. All of teslians participated and worked like a winning formula to make this program a success. Not to forget, this event was also being sponsored by Adabi and LieNadia transportation.

As the arrival of VIP, D. Maslawati and Prof Dr.Rosseni the event was carried on with the singing of national anthem and Varsiti Kita also the recitation of Dua to bless the ceremony. Later on, there were speech delivery by our beloved class representative, Dr. Maslawati and Prof Dr.Rosseni. Soon, the program went on with the highlight of that day which was the presentations by all the 8 groups. The first group group was from 4A.S group with the title Taubat, second group from Quatro Belissimo doing the movie on blood is thicker than water, the third group FASA with their reminiscence movie, the fourth group Hit or Miss with their words matter movie, our group Anonymous For Now with our signature movie of Our Story,Untold. The presentation proceeded with the group Edutech Girl with The Needs movie, Izzat and Wives group with Jue De La Vie horror movie and finally the Realist group with their #Right after, the ceremony had done, Dr. Maslawati, and Dr.Rosseni with other assistants Kak Anna, Kak Aida and few other fellows calculated the marks in the evaluation forms to announce the winners. While waiting for them, we watched slideshow which comprised of our photos in Penang and some random movies on Youtube to fulfill the time. Soon, the most awaited moment came where we had the prize giving ceremony.

We did turn out with forlorn face because we knew we had given out of our best in accomplishing the task for about weeks. That sleepless night, that night outing to reshoot the video with Elin’s brand new car, that bulk message on whatsapp when we discussed about our videos. The skills we acquired, we shared everything together awwwwww.We also made a great company to get along with to be awarded must be something wonderful in mind but as for us we had gained so much through this which were definitely priceless. Don’t be gloomy, Anonymous For Now will be forever winner in everyone’s heart since forever it was established and we still owned a mini hamper!!!!!


Now, comes to part we had to bid goodbye to everyone in this Edutech class, indeed there are many things that we had learnt from this class and we believe all the skills acquired and gained are going to be useful tools for us in teaching soon. We really enjoyed the class to the fullest! And wish us best of luck in finals!



This last few weeks before class ends is a really bummer for all of us. I mean, where will we ever learn how to edit pictures using adobe photoshop? How will I learn on editing videos from my lecturer and friends? I am pretty sure even my friends will be busy later for finals. Speaking of finals, I can feel this nerve wreck inside of me because I am super nervous when it comes to final examination. I sure hope Dr Rosseni will give us all the tips and clues of what we should stress on. I think I should be ready with the past years as well because I heard form one of my senior, she said;

“Better you check out the past years’ paper because UKM has a really high tendency to recycle question papers.”


I’ll get back on that later. So, this week we got tips from Dr Resseni saying that we should work on our reflections. I’m sure what she meant was to keep updating our blog for both individual and group blog. I’ts quite hard to work on the group blog because you can’t really expect who will write the latest update. I guess we should work on our communication skills but I am really lucky to have such supportive members.

Next, Dr Rosseni reminded us about a 1 minute pitch that needs to be draft and practice for our Eductechnovation Day. This really gives me a flashback on CMIE which is our CESMED that was lead by Prof Halimah. She was very loud I can tell you that but I believe every course I’ve took so far, none has failed me. I got tonnes of input by just attending classes. This 1 minute pitch will be done by me which at the moment I feel a little nervous but I guess that’s why people say;

“Practice, practice and practice until perfect.”


A little heads up by Dr Rosseni when she mentioned that our video presentation will be held in week 13 and the 1 minute pitch will be held in week 14. Sure, seems like a long journey right? But actually if you sleep, eat and wake up again and again. You’ll be amaze how time flies so fast when you are not fully prepared. Let’s not talk about that. I have a tendency to do things last minute and it will turn out just fine. hehe I won’t do this for EduTech.

So, I think all that I can do is continuously work hard and pray May Allah bless my learning session all the way till the end. Ameen.


“I wish I could do something useful in life but what?”

Have you guys ever had this thought? I’m sure you do. Every once in a while we as human beings has the urge to do good things instead of breaking the law and waste time and energy on things that gives no beneficial. So why not join an event or event better start living a healthy lifestyle. Well, good news is I got this upcoming event in March 1st, 2015. Heads up for all you cyclists out there because a charity event is heading your way right now.

Feel free to check out AIDS Charity Cycling Facebook Page by clicking HERE.


Want to know more about AIDS Charity Cycling, look for their blog at aidscharitycycling2015@blogspot.com 


More updates at our Instagram @aidscharitycycling and Twitter @aidscc2015

Thank you for reading and stay tune for more update in my wordpress.

What to do after finals? HOLIDAY!!! :3


“A sneak peek regarding my holiday after finals.”

First and foremost,

“I’ve finished my final examination! Hooray! Alhamdulillah..”

A little reflection about EduTech? I’ve learned more that I could remember actually. It’s funny that my hands would do all the editing and typing but my mind would sometimes forgot how to conduct all that. All in all, taking GGGE2153 Educational Technology is a memorable course for me as I gained more input and had gave more output too. Comments on my Educational Technology paper? Well, there’s not much to say since I think the questions were easy because I’ve read it before when I was searching for some past years papers,  But sadly I was too lazy to search for the answers so I did not know much. However, I’ve done my reading and may Allah SWT gives Dr Rosseni the heart to ease on her markings. Thus, thank you so much for being a very helpful and very understanding lecturer I have ever known in my entire life. Not to forget Kak Ana, Siti Aieda, Nor Syazwani, Aidah Abdul Karim and Aliza Adnan for every assistance I had got throughout this whole semester.


“Please be nice Dr Rosseni Binti Din.” 🙂


Some may find traveling quite the exciting and full of adventure. Some may want to release stress by shopping till there’s no more shopping mall to conquer. Also, some may just want to spend their quality time with their beloved ones.

How you spend your holiday is really up to you. Do a reflection on what would you like to do most? I can say this, please so some activities to keep your body healthy and stay active. Who says shopping or staying at home is easy? I will share a fun fact with you. Do you know that when you are sleeping, you are actually using energy and you can burn calories too? Yes I know it’s crazy right? I guess that’s why I have this one friend who would just sleep and sleep for up to 18 hours a day. hehehe you know who you are. 🙂

So, here’s what I decided to enjoy my holidays.


I noticed how easily pictures affect people’s perception. Then, what am I waiting for? Enjoy the pictures when I was in Kuala Terengganu with some of my wonderful friends.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Have you ever heard Demi Lavato singing her top 10 favorite songs? It’s called, ‘This Is Me.” The lyric goes like this;

“This is real. This is me. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now. Gonna let the light shine on me…” -Demi Lavato-


This is just to remind all of you readers out there, it doesn’t matter if you are too skinny, a little chubby, quite the talkative person or even a little too muscular. People only judge you from what they could witness using their two eyes. What’s matter is on the inside. That’s you to decide. A wise person once told me that;

“You can never change what you are, but you can always change what you wanna be.” -Wise Man-

The world is not a prefect place. Although the sphere shape is well created by Allah SWT, we can never know what’s out there for us. You will never know that maybe some day you go to KL Sentral and suddenly a stranger bumps right at you and then the next thing you know is you two are engaged. Just kidding. The point is, live your life. Do something crazy, have fun, learn new things and why not climb up a very high mountain just to scream, “I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!” The world is an enormous place to travel. If London is too far, try Malaysia. Explore everything there is about our beautiful country. For some of you readers out there are not from Malaysia, here are some pictures to help you imagine what Malaysia looks like;

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You can also click on this website to know more about Malaysia.

Malaysia Truly Asia~


“Good luck Elin! Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan anak mak di dalam dewan exam ye.” (Zaiton Abu Hassan,2014)

So, today is the day. The day I’m sitting for my final examination as a second year student. Thank you for those you had wished me luck. Apparently, I need all the luck I can get because it’s hard to focus when all I can think about it 1st January 2015! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know it’s early but I’m just excited to see colorful fireworks! Oh please, oh please I need to see some fireworks! The last time my attempt to celebrate new years was ridiculous. We were to too late to witness even a single “Boom!” so I’m gonna make sure I get to watch them tonight, the second my clock hits at 12 midnight, I want “BANG! BANG!” I want people shouting,



I want my friend to say, “It’s 2015 baby!” and I definitely don’t want my friend to remind me about my final examination. Ugh! I think my friend, Alia Nasir will eventually drag me back to reality like a really concern mother she is and lecture me all the way from Dataran Merdeka to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). HAHA I love you, Mak!

Just a simple dedication of gratitude to those people who had always been there for me in 2014:

1. My FAMILY. Abah, Mak, Yana, Along, Kakak, Adik, Angah, Kak Aina, Malaeka, Emir, Nani, Abang Cai, Izzah, Iffah, Ajid and Maman! Only Allah knows how much I truly love my big family. Alhamdulillah…Allah kurniakan Elin keluarga yang mampu melayan kerenah Elin ni.

2. Piranhas. There are just too many of you gorgeous girls. Well, you know who you are to me and I just want to say, “Thank you for constantly being there for me through ups and downs. I couldn’t have gotten any better friends that you girls.” #MRSMTGB4EVER

3. Family Daddy&Mummy. Daddy, Mummy, Bella, Yani, Pika and Joanna. 2014 brings me great memories and 80% of them came from you guys! Hopefully, could you guys just treat me like an adult next year and not like a little girl I am now. HAHA. Besides, I will be 21 years old in 2015. *crying because I’m old 😥

4. Querieda. You know who you are and if you’re reading this. I feel blessed and so grateful to get to know you. That title there means a lot to me. I will always be here for you and just thank you for guiding me dear. During my Asasi years, it was hard and  I couldn’t have done it without you.

5. All my Asasi UiTM friends, THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING YEAR! I still cherish every dramatic moments we had together.

6. All my seniors here in UKM. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT. May Allah bless you all. Also, GOODLUCK for your finals.

7. All my lecturers in UKM. Only Allah, Himself can repay back all the precious knowledge you have given me and my classmates throughout this whole year. Prof Dr Rosseni, thank you for all your encouragement and inspiration to be a better educator and a better Muslimah. InsyaAllah.

Not to forget to all you readers for constantly reading my blog. Thank you for 2014 and may 2015 brings us greater moments every written in history of life. ARIGATO & HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Till next time.


“I am great when it comes to editing pictures using Adobe Photoshop.”

Do you readers know that famous quote mentioned about, “Practice makes perfect.” Yeah! That one. I keep on reminding myself that in order for me to achieve great success in life and especially right now to obtain good marks in Educational Technology, I should keep on practicing! This may be a shocking pictures to some of you because I never really said that I’m very powerful or anything when editing pictures so, here are some pictures to inspire you readers that you can try and strive for excellence in life. Just look at my posters, at first they look ridiculous but after hours of staring in front of my laptop, I managed to create one that got many thumbs up from my group members, Nikki, Hayani, Dina and Ain Amni. The most relieve moment of my life was when Prof Dr Rosseni herself, liked our post explaining our hard work of editing and learning process on ‘How to create an awesome poster using Adobe Photoshop?’ Thank you YouTube!

poster awesome  poster bad comments

“We got some very constructive comments regarding the font used and the selection of colors we used was very dull and not that clear enough.”

POSTER LATEST  poster good comments

“ALHAMDULILLAH! We finally did it. That very one perfect poster just managed to grab people’s attention with just one look and you’ll mesmerized due to its choices of color, type of font and amazing background.”



This week I feel like it’s the end of a semester already. Probably because most of my friends in college are having their mid semester exam that makes me feel kind of worried all of a sudden and they make me feel eerie for my upcoming exam in December 2014 till January 2015. Well, let’s ignore that for a second and speaking of lecturers marking paper, I guess this week Prof Dr Rosseni is going to be busy evaluating our group’s progress in terms of our video production also for individual, I should have done loads of post from the previous presentations, old doodles of story boards and some old pictures of first day in class would be interesting. Just to make sure my blog is not dead or Rest In Peace or anything.

It is a good thing that Prof Dr Rosseni had made it clear when it comes to evaluating her students grade or progress. Here are the details she helped us to concentrate more on by posting valuable information in the Video Production 4 created especially for my classmates and I. Aren’t we’re lucky to have an up to date lecturer as guidance. THANK YOU SO MUCH PROF!



“You won’t be able to picture the scenes with just doodles, so why not do a storyboard and help us to help you get great marks.”


Prof Dr Rosseni had did a wonderful lesson plan to make sure this course is well organized and won’t be having difficulties when it comes to giving grades to students. I believe this semester had been very challenging for Prof because I know my classmates too well and I would just like to say;

“Thank you Prof Rosseni for being extra patient with us, for always inspire us with great feedback upon our ridiculous videos and for constantly giving us constructive comments on Facebook page just to ensure we won’t fail this course.” -YazmalinaYaacob-


“Our faces of full concentration finishing our very cute storyboard.” -AFN-


Who says being an editor is easy? You need an extra comfortable chair, soft pillows and smooth internet connection just to edit a short video clip. For me, I couldn’t be any more luckier to have four most supporting, cooperative and handful group members. ANONYMOUS FOR NOW production is unbelievable. You have watched our trailer, you have witnessed our actresses in action, our camera woman rolling and now, let’s watch our editor’s handy works.


1st draft.


“OK. Action!”

A sweet friend of mine once remind me that;

“There is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’ like there is no ‘ALONE’ in ‘TOGETHER’. So, if you think you are a good friend, then you shouldn’t have any problem working in group of one.”